Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Hudson tried out and made the archery team at his school. He was so excited and is really enjoying learning something new.  There are 24 on the team.  He has several upcoming tournaments.
We are warming up for competitive cheer competition.   There are several exhibitions around the state that we attend and basically they are practice performances.  Cousin love!
Hudson, Rob, and Turner went hunting two weekends this month.

Hudson shot his first deer...completely by himself.
He was so proud! A flashback to little Hudson getting to go hunting for the very first time!
Meanwhile Lawson and I tackled some "girlier" things back home.  Haircuts, shopping and lots of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Lawson & Anna at church.

Lawson & Anna "twinning" for school.
Anna fixed Lawson's hair and WOW...she looked straight from the salon with a bridesmaid up-do.  I told Anna she should charge $!
Some pics from the Russellville showcase.

Thanksgiving already?!  We spent a few days in Texarkana.

Uncle Brady and his mini me discussing hunting.

My mom's cute kids table and beautiful adult table. 

Check out that meal train line!  Looks like church potluck!

And it was yummy! 
The kids spent the ENTIRE afternoon playing outside together.  I love that they love to play together.  I remember playing with my cousins when I was little to this day!  Good times!

I think this is a doctor's office and Chandler is injured...although she looks very happy about it!

Me and my "little" bro

Happy Thanksgiving.  Indeed.  We have so much to be thankful for.

We went back to LR and had a love Thanksgiving Dinner with the Buie Crew.   Mat and Lori hosted us and we had a wonderful meal.  The kids played after dinner until we finally drug them out the door.  We love our family.


First of the month started with Christmas decorating

First Competition on team Empire Fierce - Jackson, MS

Nailed their routine and got a bid to nationals at Disney!!

We went to look at Christmas lights in Sherwood.  They were pretty!

We also went to see the living Christmas Tree at FBC Little Rock.  The kids had never seen a "living Christmas tree" performance before. 

Had a second cheer competition in Hot Springs this month.

Lunch in the classroom with friends.

Empire Fierce 2016-17.  They look totally different with their hair down and no bow!

School Pics

I got the most random nicest compliment from one of Lawson's teachers.  Way to go Lawson!

Hudson has an amazing talent in drawing.  He drew this wolf to enter into a school contest.  It turned out awesome!

7th Grade Christmas Band Comcert

Always so impressed with how far these kids in such a short time!  Sounded great!

Hudson's Archery Team at Hill Farm

Lawson's "potato" baby!  This is the stuff nightmares are made of right here!  I mean isn't he cute?!
This was a school project where you learn about the responsibility of being a child's caregiver.  She had to journal about how she cared for her baby...and carry it with her everywhere she went for a week.